3 Tips On Hiring A Photographer For A Courthouse Wedding

Many couples who reserve a beautiful ceremony and reception venue for their wedding want a photographer to capture everything from start to finish. However, you may be planning a courthouse wedding, which means your ceremony will not compare to venues in beauty.

Even if you get married in a courthouse, you will find it worth hiring a photographer. Their photos will help you capture the day to look back on for the rest of your life. Fortunately, you can learn and use a few tips while hiring one to ensure that your photos look amazing.


The beginning of your ceremony does not have to mark the start of your wedding photo collection. A photographer can come to your house or a hotel room to capture photos while getting ready and spending time with your closest family and friends. For instance, you can get photos of doing your makeup, styling your hair, getting dressed, and putting on accessories.

Leaving early to go to the courthouse is worthwhile because you can also take photos in the area. You can plan to take photos in front of beautiful nature or impressive buildings. Hiring an experienced photographer is smart because they may know where to capture photos.

Time of Day

Making an appointment for a courthouse wedding is the easiest way to get married at an accurate time. Choosing the time of your ceremony is an important decision because it will impact the photos in several ways. For instance, you can schedule it around the golden hour for photography, which is one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset.

Getting photos outside during these hours will ensure excellent lighting for your photos. A photographer can show you photo examples for the golden hours to help you decide. For instance, you may decide on an afternoon ceremony because you like photos later in the day.


While you may be getting married in a courthouse, you can still have an incredible reception. When you already know what reception venue you are going to use, you may want to find a photographer with experience at that venue to see what the photos look like. Another option is to ask a photographer for reception ideas and photos to help you choose one.

Getting married in a courthouse does not mean you need to skip professional photography. Using these tips, you can have a memorable wedding with incredible photos.

Contact a wedding photographer to learn more about your options. 

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