Hire A Photographer To Shoot Your Band

When you play in a band, you'll want some photos that you can share with your fans and others. Instead of trying to take these shots yourself or enlisting a friend for help, it's a better idea to find a local professional photographer. Ideally, you'll be able to connect with someone who has experience shooting bands and can show you a portfolio of images of this nature. You can then hire a photographer for a period of time in which they can shoot a number of shots for you to use in various ways. Here are some ideas that you may want to line up for your photo session.

Promotional Shots

Bands use promotional shots in several different ways. Generally, these are shots in which you're posing for your photographer. If you're playing at a local venue, you'll commonly send one or more shots to the venue for it to place on posters and share on social media. If your band has its own social media presence, using a promotional shot as your profile photo and sharing other promotional images of your band can help to give it a professional look. If you were to take your own images of this nature, they'd likely have an amateur appearance that could cause people to not take you seriously.

Live Shots

Taking photos of a live band can be challenging for the average person, as many venues tend to be dark. It's exciting to think of having some live shots of your band while you perform, and your local photography professional has the experience and gear to help in this manner. Book a photographer for an evening that your band is playing locally. They'll be able to hang out in front of the stage for a short period of time and take photos of your band in action. You'll then be able to use these photos in several different ways.

Album Art

If you're approaching the release of an album, you might be excited to use some of your promos or live shots in the album booklet. You'll also want to think about what artwork will appear on the cover of the album. If you don't want to use a photo of the band, think about what images appeal to you and then talk to a photographer about capturing them. Ideally, they'll be able to do so before or after they take your promotional and/or live shots, which can save you having to book the photographer for multiple shoots. Look online to find an experienced photographer to discuss these ideas.

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