Things To Consider When Framing A Picture

Framed pictures are a great way to add something special to the decor inside your home, and the frame you choose for each picture can make a big difference in the final product. Working with a picture framing service to put your favorite pictures into frames is an excellent way to ensure the pictures are mounted right and will last for many years.

Choosing A Frame

When you are ready to have a picture framed, taking it to a local picture framing service and looking at it next to several frame styles can help you choose one that will enhance the picture. Matching some of the colors in the photograph to the frame is sometimes an excellent way to select a frame. The frame should make the image look finished while not overpowering it or distracting the viewer from the actual photograph. 

Some photographs look great with dark frames around them, while others benefit from a lighter frame that draws out light tones in the image. The easiest way to determine the best picture frame for your picture is to hold the print up next to the frame and see how it looks. When you find the right frame, you will know, and if you can't decide between a couple of options, ask the framing service associate to look at your options to break the tie. 

Matting Your Pictures

You will need to decide if you want the picture framing service to install the image in the frame with a mat around it. Mats are essentially a piece of material about a quarter-inch thick that frame the picture and allow you to place it in a larger frame. 

If you have an eight by ten picture, but you want to put it in an eleven by eighteen frame, adding a mat that will fit in the frame and has an eight by ten opening can make the picture looks great. The mat could be white, black, or any number of other colors, so you can match the mat to the frame or a tone in the picture to change the entire look of the framed image.

The picture framing service can show you all your mat color options and recommend one for you. They may also suggest that you use a double mat, or one mat on top of the other, with the top mat having a slightly larger opening in it. The double mat will create some depth in the framed image and can be a combination of colors. 

Once you settle on a frame and mat combination, the picture framing service will mount your image on a backing board to keep it from wrinkling over time.  Often styrene is used because it is less affected by humidity and temperature changes. Once your picture and frame are assembled, you can take your picture home and hang it on the wall to enjoy for many years.

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