Starting a Photography Studio Business? 2 Things to Start Out With

If you are starting your own photography studio business your camera is the most important thing. Besides this, however, there are other things that you will need to help your business be successful. Keep reading so you will have everything you need.


Backdrops can take a boring picture and transform it into something beautiful. Backdrops also allow you to stay where you are while making it look like you are somewhere else. This may be seasonal backgrounds, or you could use a solid color. You can also have backdrops custom-designed if you prefer. This will allow you to have a backdrop that looks exactly like you or the customer wants. To learn more, check out a supplier of custom-designed photography backdrops near you.

There are different types of backdrops you can choose from. One common type that is used is a collapsible disc backdrop. Many photographers choose this type because when you are finished using the backdrop it collapses into a flat disc. This is useful if you have a small studio as backdrops can be large. These backdrops are smaller, however, which gives you more options.

There are chroma key backdrops available. This type is generally blue or green. Even though the backdrop is plain you can add images, lettering, etc. to the backdrop when editing your photos. This is useful if you do not have the type of backdrop the customer wants, as you could find the images or lettering to put on the backdrop. Using a chroma key background means it will not take as long to take your photographs. The main time you will spend is in the editing process.

Studio Lighting

Along with the backdrops, studio lighting is an important part of your business. This allows you to enhance your photographs to make them look even better.  If you are taking photographs during the day natural light should be used if possible. The angle of the sun is important, however, and this will depend on where the windows are and the time of day you are taking photographs. 

If you are taking photographs during the evening or you do not have good natural light, the front light is available. You will also hear this referred to as flat light. This type of light shines directly at what you are photographing, and it does not angle at all.  This type of light is used when taking portraits. This is useful if your customer wants to hide imperfections, such as pimples, wrinkles, etc. 

Another type is a backlight, which is where the light is behind what you are photographing. If you want to use long shadows or experiment with silhouetting, this type of light will be best for you. This light does not show a lot of detail, however, but you can use a light diffuser with a backlight to get more light on your customer. 

There are many more things you will need when starting up your photography studio business but purchasing your backdrops and lights gives you a great start. 

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