4 Things To Consider For Your Wedding Photo Package

If you are planning to have a professional photographer capture your big day, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made regarding your photography package. Ask your photographer about the following things that you may want to have so you know which package to get that includes them.

Engagement Photos

Having some nice engagement photos taken can be included as part of your wedding package, and you may appreciate having some of these photos on display at your wedding. Ask about the additional day of photography necessary to take these photos, as well as having prints made to be displayed at your reception. 

Preparation Photos

Do you want photos of you getting ready for your wedding day? This may bring up some questions from your photographer to have these photos taken. If the bride and groom are at two different locations, there are some logistics involved. Will the two be getting ready at separate times so they can be captured by one photographer, or does a second photographer need to be hired to get it done? If you do not want to purchase a bigger package with a second photographer, you may need to prioritize the bride or the groom getting ready, or schedule these events at different times during the day.

Reception Time

Receptions can go quite long, so you need to decide how long you want your photographer to stay at your reception. Do you want them to take off at a certain time or stay until the very end? It may be worth paying for their service for a couple more hours if it means not missing out on something special that happens.

Albums and Prints

The quantity of photo albums and prints that you get will also play into what package you purchase. Think about how many photo albums you want since many couples typically get a minimum of three. You may have a situation where you need to order more albums, such as one for the grandparents or a set of parents that are divorced. Make sure that you order the right amount of albums upfront to save you the most money. In addition, you'll want to think about the prints that you order. Ask your close family members if they will want a framed wedding photo so that can be factored into your photographer package. 

Contact a wedding photography professional to learn more.

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