Get Creative With A Post-Apocalyptic Family Photo Session

When it comes to planning a family photo portrait session, many families take a conventional approach. There's nothing wrong with having a photographer photograph your family either indoors or outdoors, but some families enjoy being a little more creative. If you're the type of family that isn't afraid to express themselves—and you like the idea of making people laugh when they see your family portrait—consider coming up with a creative idea. If your entire family enjoys make-believe games, consider setting a post-apocalyptic theme for the photo session. Here are some ways to make this idea come to life.

Find The Right Venue

For a post-apocalyptic photoshoot, you won't want to simply pose in your home or at a local park. Instead, scour your area to find a venue that will work well in this scenario. For example, if you know of an abandoned building or a specific area in the community that is in a state of disrepair, this can be a perfect backdrop for your post-apocalyptic photo session. When necessary, remember to seek permission from the property owner to have your photoshoot take place on the property.

Get Dressed Up

One of the best parts about preparing for a post-apocalyptic photo session is choosing what attire to wear. You and your family can go in a number of directions, but one option is to visit a local secondhand store to buy inexpensive used clothing. You can then alter the clothing to fit with the theme. This could include making it appear dirty and torn, which is likely how your clothing would look after several days of trying to survive after the apocalypse. Don't be afraid to check out some post-apocalyptic movies or TV shows to get inspiration for how your clothing should appear.

Grab Some Props

In a post-apocalyptic world, you need to hunt for food and protect yourselves from others. This means that you'll want to carry some props for these jobs. Think about what props would be relevant to this make-believe scenario, and then gather them for your photoshoot. One family member might be holding an ax, while another might have a baseball bat. You'll also want to protect yourselves from danger, so consider what protective gear you own or can find at a local secondhand store. For example, one of you might think of wearing knee and elbow pads.

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