Hiring A Wedding Photographer? 4 Factors That Can Affect Your Experience

As soon as you start planning out your wedding, you may know that a photographer is one of the professionals that you will be hiring. Once you start looking at photographers, you may find that a lot of them have impressive photos that you would love if they were from your own wedding.

So, while you could hire a professional based on their portfolio photos alone, you should consider several important factors that can affect your overall experience.

Venue Knowledge

After choosing the venue where you are going to get married, you may want to figure out how much each photographer knows about the venue. When a professional has worked at the venue numerous times in the past, they will likely know their way around the ceremony and reception area enough that they can focus entirely on your photos while always being in the right place.

Personal Style

When you dive deep into analyzing portfolio photos, you will likely notice the personal style and touch of each photographer. For instance, you may come across professionals with an attachment to certain shots such as macro, wide angle, portrait, landscape, or candid.

While you should expect to get a wide variety of photos from a wedding photography service, you may want to hire one that favors the kinds of photos that you find most attractive and memorable.


Finding a photographer that you have excellent chemistry with can make a huge difference when it comes to your wedding day. For instance, you may feel entirely comfortable when you know you are being photographed but want to act natural at the same time. This will also come in handy for planned shots since you will happily work with them to capture these photos.

The two best ways to figure out your chemistry with a photographer is to meet with them in person to discuss everything related to the wedding and get services from them beforehand.


When you set a budget for photography, you should also think about how many hours you would like a photographer to be around to capture photos. Hiring a professional who will be there before the wedding and after the reception will help you capture the whole day thoroughly.

By thinking about all these different factors when hiring a photographer, you can look forward to the wedding day knowing that the photo collection will look amazing in the end.

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