Why You Should Request a White Background for Your Product Photos

When you hire a commercial product photographer to shoot images of your products, one of the important topics that you'll need to discuss is your preferred background. The photography professional can offer you a variety of choices, including a plain white background. Even if you feel as though this choice of background is a little dull, you should strongly consider its value — as well as have the photographer show you some past work with this type of background. Here are some reasons that this background is ideal for product photos.

It Highlights the Product

If the background of your product photos is too vibrant, people may pay attention to it instead of direct 100 percent of their focus to the products themselves. When you're selling products of any type on a website, you want people to carefully view the photos of the products and, hopefully, add some items to their shopping carts. A plain white background is effective for allowing the product to stand out, which will hopefully make people more excited about how it looks.

It Provides a Consistent Look

A white background also provides a consistent look for your product photos. While it's customary to use the same commercial product photographer for all of your photos, you may need additional photos taken in the future and not be able to book your usual photographer. In this case, you can be confident that any photographer you use can set up your products on a plain white background. If you were to initially choose a background that was a unique color or a vibrant design, it may be difficult for another photographer to mimic this background later on.

It Makes the Webpage Look Cleaner

If you favor a clean look for your e-commerce site — which is often advisable, given that your customers will be less apt to get distracted as they shop — a white background for your product photos is arguably the right choice. If you were to choose a darker color or a patterned background, these hues can make the page look a little on the busy side. A busy website can be less than enjoyable to browse, which may cause some prospective shoppers to leave your site. When you opt for a white background for each product photo, it can create a clean and calm feeling for your shoppers.

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