4 Tips For Taking Great Product Photographs

If you sell a physical product online, you need product photographs in order to show your product to your customers and generate sales. In order to increase your conversions, you need high-quality photographers that look professional and really showcase your products.

Use a White Background

When it comes to shooting your items, it may be tempting to get creative with the background as you stage your photos. However, for professional-looking photographs, you are going to want to use an infinity cover.

An infinity cover is a curved white background that gives the idea that the background just keeps going. White backgrounds work well for most products and allow your products to pop.

If you don't like the white background, it is easy to edit out a white background in Photoshop and add in whatever type of background you would like. Starting with a solid white background is always a good idea with product photography.

Don't Use Filters

Filters are great for making artistic photographs or for having fun with your own pictures. However, filters are not great for product photography. A filter alters the image and alters what the product looks like.

You want your product to look as similar as it does to when someone holds and sees your product in real life. Filters distort the colors and look of your product, which is not what you want to do with a product picture.

Create Pictures for Each Product Variety

People want to see pictures of the exact product they are purchasing. Seeing a picture of a purple dress when they want to purchase the red one is not that helpful. If you sell the same product in multiple colors or variations, be sure to take pictures of each variation of your products.

That way, if someone wants to purchase the red dress, they can see exactly what it looks like. This will help increase your conversion for each product variety you offer on your website, as customers are not likely to purchase a product they can't see, even if you tell them it is the same product in a different color.

Edit Your Photos Later

Don't choose which pictures to delete when you are shooting your product photos. Wait to get all the pictures on the computer, and then see what you can do with photo editing software to improve the images before you decide which ones to delete.

A little photo editing is necessary for product photos; you may want to change the background, enhance the color so it looks more realistic, or edit something out of the background. When editing product photographs, remember you want everything to look as real as possible.

If you run an online business, you need to take your own photos of your products. Customers want to see product pictures before they make a purchase, and high-quality pictures will help you increase your conversions.

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