Wedding Vendor List: Don't Wait Until The Last Minute

The prospect of planning a wedding is something that can be very nerve-wracking. The bride and groom are likely very excited and also very overwhelmed. So, it is reasonable that dealing with all that goes into planning a wedding is something that can be very stressful. In order to lessen the stress, it would be wise to set up a schedule and plan out exactly which vendors need to be contacted. This list will cover three of the most important vendors that you are going to need for your big day. One will be responsible for the cake, another the flowers, and the last will handle the photographs. The list won't cover the caterers since many venues will package the meal into the price of the space rental.

The Cake- Tasting Makes Perfect

The wedding cake is a very important part of the wedding. Not only is it going to be the dessert, but it will be a visual centerpiece for photos. Therefore you will want it to look beautiful as well as taste delicious. What you should do is reach out to several different bakeries that specialize in wedding cakes and set up tastings. The bakers will normally have photos of what the different wedding cakes look like, which is helpful because it allows you to visualize what the finished cake will look like in your reception area. They will also provide small slices of cake for you and your fiance to try. View the different designs and then try slices of the cakes that you like. 

The Flowers- For A Beautiful Day

Every wedding needs nice flowers. You will want bouquets for the flower girl, as well as centerpieces for all of the wedding tables. In order to have beautiful, fresh flowers delivered to your reception you should meet with different florists ahead of time. You want to go over the different flower options that you have as well as discuss the arrangements. One very important thing to do is to check the reviews of the florists ahead of time to make sure that they have no bad reviews. 

Wedding Photographer- To Capture The Moment

Finally, you will want to have a professional wedding photographer on hand to capture the day. You should make sure that you use a professional wedding photography service because amateur photographers will not be skilled or experienced enough to handle the task. A professional wedding photographer will know how to bring the right lenses and get the best shots. These photographers will also be able to take photos discreetly and so will not interrupt your big day but will still get the shots. 

To find out more about finding the right photographer for your wedding, reach out to photographers near you.

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