Having Professional Headshots Made

For many acting professionals, a headshot will be an essential part of any job application. However, they may not realize the simple steps that they can take so that their headshots will look as good as possible and have the impact that they are wanting.

Ensure You look How You Would Normally Appear

It can be tempting to make a major change to your appearance so that you will look as nice as possible in your headshot. However, you should avoid making changes that will dramatically alter how you appear on a daily basis. One example of this can be dying your hair a different color than it normally is or shaving when you are normally bearded. In addition to giving those reviewing the headshot an accurate understanding of what you look like, this will also avoid the risk of your change going poorly, which can make it difficult to feel confident when submitting the headshot.

Get Enough Sleep The Night Before The Headshots

Getting enough sleep prior to the headshot photoshoot can be important for reducing the presence of deep circles under your eyes, which could make you appear older and less vibrant. While makeup can alleviate these bags and dark circles, they will not fully eliminate them. Furthermore, the bright lights that are used when taking professional headshots can be bright enough to weaken the effects of the makeup. Due to the difficulty of reducing the prevalence of these dark spots and bags, you will need to make sure to get enough sleep the night before. You should also make sure to leave enough time to eat a nutritious breakfast prior to the shoot as low blood sugar may cause you to appear excessively pale, and this can be highly noticeable in the headshot.

Keep Your Headshots Updated

Some professionals will make the mistake of failing to keep their headshot updated. While getting a professional headshot taken can be somewhat disruptive and costly, it is vital to ensure that your application and headshot will meet the requirements for the jobs you are wanting. For those that are involved with acting, it is often required for the headshot to have been taken in the past year or two to even be considered. As a result of the need to get these photos taken frequently, you should make sure to thoroughly research your headshot photographer and retain their contact information so that you will be able to easily book them again in the future.

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