Tips To Take Better Pics At The Beach With Your Phone

Naturally you want to snap a few pictures when spending the day at your favorite beach, but how do they turn out? It can be difficult to take crisp, clear pictures on a cell phone, especially in the bright sun with so much reflections at the beach. If you want to take better pictures, consider some tips to help:

Stay Golden

Ever seen those beach shots where everything is bathed in a warm orangish light that appears almost magical? Aim to take your photos during the 'golden hour' for this same effect, which is typically just after sunrise and just before sunset.

Secure your Tripod

Putting your phone on a small tripod can prevent shaking and blurriness, but it is tough to stabilize a tripod on the beach, where it is windy and the ground is uneven. Avoid this problem by stabilizing your tripod in the sand. Bring along a sandwich bag to fill with sand and drape over the tripod to use as weight stabilization.

Shoot Silhouettes

If you are taking pictures of people, shoot silhouettes; this effect is achieved when you take a photo of someone in between the light and your phone. The subject will appear dark against your beach background. This is also a great effect when you don't want the person in the photo identifiable, but yet still want to capture a moment.

Watch the Water

Of course, you want a few pictures with the water in them, but remember that it reflects the light. Adjust your phone's camera settings as you would with any light or reflection for best photo results.

Use the Flash

You may not think that you need the flash on the beach when the sun is shining and you are taking pictures with your phone. Using the flash helps prevent the shadows that can shroud the face of your subject when the sun is bright. Try it!

Don't Zoom In

As with any phone cameras, zooming will compromise the clarity of your picture. Try to move closer to what you are shooting rather than rely on your zoom on the phone for the best photos. Try another angle instead to preserve the quality of the shot.

Don't overlook simple solutions for fuzzy or unclear photos, like a dirty phone camera lens. Bring a soft cotton cloth and clean the photo lens frequently, especially at the beach.

Use these tips when you want to take better photos with your phone during a day at the beach. Celebrating something special? For the best photos on the beach or elsewhere, consider hiring a professional beach portrait photographer to capture the day, event, or experience for you.

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