The Do's And Don'ts of Preparing Your Kids for Great Portraits

Professional portraits of your children are the ones that will hang on your walls for decades to come. These special pictures can even be passed on for your kids to display with great nostalgia. No candid or posed smartphone photo is quite the same as photos taken with a high-quality camera by a professional photographer. Consider these do's and don'ts to prepare your kids for the best possible portraits.

Do Discuss the Photo Shoot as an Opportunity for Fun

Talk to your kids about the photo session a couple of days before it happens. Build it up as an exciting thing that's happening. Let them know they'll get to play like models and pose for the camera. When your children look forward to the portrait session, they'll have more fun, and they will be more willing to cooperate with the photographer.

Don't Let Kids Stay Up Late the Night Before the Photo Shoot

Children may want to stay up late if it's not a school night. Since most kid photo shoots are done on the weekends, they want to be up late. However, some kid portraits end up hilarious for the misbehavior they capture, rather than a beautiful picture that depicts your little one in their best light. If kids are tired, they are more likely to be cranky for the portrait session, so stick to their weekday bedtime.

Do Give Your Kids Some Input in the Photo Session

While you're planning the photo session, ask for input from your kids. You may do this by offering them the opportunity to choose between two different things. That way, you can be sure that either choice is satisfactory for you. For example, let your kid choose the kid photo backdrop they want for at least part of the session, but you may pre-select only two or three possible choices. That creates a win-win situation.

Don't Fuss at Kids on Photo Day

If your kids don't cooperate with a photo session, it's easy to get frustrated. However, plan to take a step back and take some deep breaths, then approach the situation in a positive way. If you offer positive reinforcement for kids who behave well, rather than scold ones who misbehave, you may avoid portraits with red-eyed kids who have obviously been crying.

Do Bring Props Based on the Backdrop

Once you have chosen the photo backdrop with the photographer, choose some props that will play up the backdrop. For example, if you choose a backdrop with a winter theme, dress kids in coats and have them holding cups of cocoa.

Finally, take the time to discuss all aspects of the photos you want to capture ahead of the photo session. Everything from the kid photo backdrop to props should be planned before the portrait session begins. With proper planning and preparation with your kids for the photo shoot, you should walk away from the experience with photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime and beyond.

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